Who we are

We focus on early stage projects and technology transfer providing support for translating breakthrough discoveries into products and therapies for patients.

What we do

We build close ties with project originators and deal flow partners, such as universities, research centers, technology transfer offices, biotechnology companies, patient foundations biotechnology clusters and regional funds to access promising projects in their early phase, from discovery to preclinical.

The selection process involves the evaluation of scientific ideas, protocols, drug candidates both from a scientific and marketing perspective. We perform feasibility assessment and de-risking activities within intellectual property positions, scientific validations, competition landscape analyses, regulatory activities and clinical trials to translate these projects into viable assets.

Our focus

We are focused on the Italian research and academic environment with a strong bias towards scientific projects with a clear therapeutic claim, persuasive in vivo data, a solid or solid-to-be intellectual property position, a committed team with a strong track record and a partnership attitude.

Our focused is on Oncology, Immunology, Rare Diseases, Infectious Diseases, Cardiovascular Diseases and CNS Diseases, with an open-mind to other areas with great value and potential.

We offer a comprehensive set of competences to manage multiple tasks required in the development process either in-house and through collaborators.

Where we act

We act in Europe for the scouting and fostering of projects and globally for partnering, licensing, co-development and commercial agreements.

Bridging the gap

AurorA-TT bridges the gap between discovery/early development projects towards clinical development, market, licensing and partnerships.

AurorA-TT aims to translate research findings from academia and R&D institutes into druggable and marketable appealing assets to receive support by the venture capital community and biopharmaceutical companies.

Our model

Research projects within the Italian academic and R&D arena are scouted, sourced, incubated, accelerated, supported and presented to external partners to receive support for the execution of product development plan within project-specific companies. This gives projects the chance to reach market through out-licensing agreements with biopharmaceutical companies and through spin-off models.

Acceleration and derisking activities

After sourcing, AurorA-TT executes a number of activities to meet minimum requirements and to achieve support from external partners.

∙ Competition analysis
∙ Possible scenarios
∙ Valuation

∙ Scientific advice
∙ Orphan drug designation
∙ Other ad-hoc

∙ Pharmacology
∙ Toxicology
∙ Etc.


(if necessary)

(if necessary)


Clinical trial design
∙ In-silico trials
∙ Benefit/Risk Sharing Agreements