Rottapharm Biotech and Italfarmaco team up with AurorA-TT to launchAurorA Science, a Biotech Investment Company integrating an Innovative Financial and Industrial Approach in the Research and Development Challenge.

Milano (Italy), February 12th, 2020.
AurorA-TT, Rottapharm Biotech and Italfarmaco announced today the inception of AurorA Science, an investment vehiclefocused on independent and entrepreneurial biotech start-ups with high therapeuticpotential.

For the incorporation of AurorA Science, AurorA-TT has partnered with two strategic industrial investors, Rottapharm Biotech and Italfarmaco, with in-house R&D facilities and expertise to support the development of portfolio companies and create the ideal conditions for partnering with bio-pharma companies.

AurorA Science intends to build a talent-driven portfolio of companies drawn from the network of its partners, which includes academic and non-academic institutions, venture capital investors, biotech entrepreneurs, patient organizations andprivate investors. AurorA Science will invest in a range of €1 to 5Mper deal to support the final pre-clinical activities and the early clinical developments.

The company will be operated by AurorA-TT, a team of professionals with extensive track record in biotechnologythat includes the latest launch of two successful start-ups in gene therapy space (a combined fundraising of over €50M), profitable venture capital exits(€400M+ cash/equity generated), successful clinical development and market access of more than 15 pharmaceutical products (including some blockbusters).

Guido Guidi, Chairmanof AurorA-TT, comments: “This initiative is unique in combining a deal flow of distinctive opportunities, a strong industrial R&D support and an extensive network to assist start-ups and their talents. We are proud to be able to work closely with both scientists and entrepreneurs, and with our partners Rottapharm Biotech and Italfarmaco to benefit from their deepknow-how and business expertise to bridge the gap between research and industry.”

Lucio Rovati, Chairman of Rottapharm Biotech, adds: “We aim to offer more than just funding. Our goal is to support young companies in developing and accelerate their business,offering them our strong expertise in drug discovery and preclinical development witha wide scope of activities up to clinical trials design.

Francesco De Santis, President of Italfarmaco Holding Spa emphasizes “Our investment with the AurorA-TT team is part of our innovation strategy to respond effectively to the unmet medical needs of patients in the early stage of the drug development process. Our goal is to foster innovationand international expansion of the future portfolio companies providing our strong capabilities in asset development and know-how.


About AurorA-TT

AurorA-TT is a Technology Transfer Intermediation Company based in Milano, Italy. AurorA-TT identifies promising scientific breakthroughs and companies from academia, research centers, entrepreneurs and other entities to translate them to industrial success.Guido Guidi, MD serves as Chairman, Edoardo Negroni, MBA and Gabriele Campi, PhD, serve as Managing Partners and Paolo Rizzardi, MD and Pierluigi Paracchi as Venture Partners.


About Rottapharm Biotech

Rottapharm Biotech is an R&D company dedicated to innovative drug discovery and development. Rottapharm Biotech operates with an integrated discovery model that includes new chemical entities and a proprietary technology platform for the generation and selection of monoclonal antibodies. The R&D expertise embraces medicinal/computational chemistry, new target validation, pharmacological and pharmacokinetic characterization of new drug candidates, and design and conduct of innovative clinical trials. The company pipeline covers different therapeutic areas with focus on rheumatology, pain and inflammation, immunomodulation and immuno-oncology, and selected oncology areas. The company strategy is to look for partnerships at an early stage of development, ranging from preclinical significant stages to phase II proof-of-concept trials.
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About Italfarmaco

ItalfarmacoSpA is a specialty pharmaceutical company of the Italfarmaco Group engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing andmarketing of branded prescription and non-prescription products in more than 60 countries on 5 continents. Italfarmaco’s research and development expertise is best demonstrated through its HDAC inhibitor development programs, addressing new therapeutic treatments of specialty and rare diseases. Through both marketeddrugs and development programs, Italfarmaco is dedicated to serving patients whose needs remain largely unmet.
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