Managing Partners of AurorA-TT announce the launch of the first Technology Transfer Intermediation Company fully focused on the Italian Biotech Sector and aim to raise Euro 50 Million (English version)

Milan (Italy), May 18th, 2017. AurorA-TT recognizes a tremendous potential in the Italian research arena that however lacks an appropriate value creation and translation into care opportunities. AurorA-TT, therefore, intends to focus on Technology Transfer to exploit research potentials of academic and research institutions in Italy, providing capital and support for translating breakthrough discoveries into therapies for patients. AurorA-TT believes this can be achieved through a rigorous process with industrial discipline by building close ties with universities, research centers, technology transfer offices, biotechnology companies and patient associations to (1) access promising projects in their early discovery/development phase, (2) de-risk project development, and (3) transform research into appealing assets to attain support by the international venture capital community and biopharmaceutical companies. Actions are already in place to implement an innovative model inspired by the best successful examples in technology transfer in other European countries. AurorA-TT aims to raise Euro 50 Million.


Dr. Guido Guidi, Chairman, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AurorA-TT, commented: “We bet on Italian scientists. Technology Transfer in Italy is still in its infancy. To tackle it and foster a premiere role for Italy in the creation of value from high-quality research, it is necessary to couple economic resources with a committed team with a partnership attitude and a strong track record in enabling a scientific breakthrough into viable therapies for patients in need. I do believe that AurorA-TT combines the right goals and experienced team to make this a reality”.


AurorA-TT includes 5 co-founders with more than 115 years of cumulative experience and track record in technology transfer, venture capital, basic research, project/drug selection and development, market access and launch of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, spanning from small molecules to advanced therapy medicinal products: Guido Guidi, MD, former Head Pharma Region Europe at Novartis; Edoardo Negroni, MBA, entrepreneur in drug discovery and former pharma executive; Gian Paolo Rizzardi, MD, former General Manager at MolMed SpA; Gabriele Campi, PhD, former researcher, venture capitalist and technology transfer manager; and, Pierluigi Paracchi, CEO at Genenta Science and venture capitalist, as Venture Consultant.


About AurorA-TT

AurorA-TT is a Technology Transfer Intermediation Company established in 2017 based in Milan, Italy. We identify promising scientific breakthroughs from academic and research centers in Italy and partner with academia, research institutions and biotech companies based globally.

We do invest in pre-seed and seed projects to bridge the gap between basic research and industrial drug development with industrial discipline.

Successful projects either become assets for the creation of stand-alone companies, partnerships with financial investors, biotech and pharma companies or translate into agreements of varying nature with synergic partners.

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